The opinion of the Nutritionist: Tiziana Uras

Tiziana Uras is a Nutritionist Biologist working in the two Sardinian towns Oristano and Terralba. She develops personalized diets. We had a chat with her to find out what she thinks of our Spirulina Spireat.

Hello to everybody. I already knew spirulina as a food.

I deal with light diets, and it happens that I recommend spirulina and that I include it in diets as a dietary supplement.

What do you think of superfoods like spirulina?
I am in favor of this kind of food. They are functional, are tonic and antioxidant, very healthy properties. Though they must still be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet.

Diets are not only aimed at weight loss, they also focus on well-being or on particular eating styles. In which types of patients would you prefer to recommend spirulina?
I would recommend spirulina in the diets for athletes and in those for reducing weight especially, in cases of nervous hunger .

At the moment, due to Covid, there is even more discussion on how nutrition can contribute to immune defence. Would you include spirulina in your diet at that purpose, based on the latest studies and the importance this topic is gaining?
Absolutely, I think it is appropriate, it is definitely of great help. But always accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

We saw that you have a YouTube channel, how do you use it?
Yes, that’s right. My Youtube channel is called Dieturas Mediterranea. I use it to talk about topics that are related to nutrition and healthy eating. Sometimes I also post some video recipes “light”.

What questions do you get online?

They often ask me to discuss topics related to metabolism, how to activate it, how to speed it up. Or nutritional advice is also in great demand in case of pathologies, especially thyroid glands.

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