Terms of sale


1. Price
2. Products and Offers
3. Payment
4. Delivery of products
5. Product delivery methods
6. Non-conformities and damage to products
7. Rights and terms for exercising the right of withdrawal
8. Responsibility

The prices of the products on the Spireat website are in Euros and those valid at the time of order. Spirufarm SRL may change the prices of the products at any time and without notice. The customer will be informed before the dispatch of the order.

Product prices include VAT, but do not include shipping costs.
Shipping costs vary depending on the shipping method selected by the customer at the time of placing the order and are displayed in the order summary before order confirmation.

Shipping cost for all orders below 60€ and shipped to destinations outside the Italian territory, are charged to the customer according to the table below, payment will be possible only by credit card or PayPal.
In case of failed collection of the the order by the customer, storage and delivery costs will be entirely charged to the customer.

  1. Products and Offers

    In compliance with article 52 of the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206 of 6 September 2005), before sending the order, the Customer may read on the Spirufarm website the information relating to the Seller, the price, including taxes and shipping costs, the essential characteristics of the product/s or the services he intends to purchase and can view all mandatory information according to the Italian Consumer Code .

    The Customer can also visit the headquarters of Spirufarm SRL to obtain specific advice and test the products sold by Spirufarm. For products not immediately available in Spirufarm warehouses, the offers published on the website are subject to availability. Information on the availability of the products will be confirmed to the Customer by email (info@spireat.it) at the moment of order receipt.

    In the event of total or partial unavailability of the product after order confirmation, the Customer will receive immediate information by e-mail regarding the total or partial cancellation of the order.

    In case of total or partial cancellation of the order:

    – the cancellation of the Customer’s order will take place automatically without any cost charged to the Customer.
    – Spirufarm Customer Service will contact the Customer to inform him about the cancellation and to propose him to place a new order excluding the unavailable product. < span style = "font-weight: 400;">

    Spirufarm also reserves the right to suspend or cancel the fulfillment of an order and/or delivery, regardless of its nature.

FREE SHIPPING for all orders over 39 euros