“Spireat is a true pioneer in the field of circular economy based food. Their innovative Spirulina based products mark a new era for microalgae and it is entrepreneurial initiatives like this that are invaluable for the food sources of our future generations.”

Pedram Muurlink Co-Founder at Carbon Suckers

Today, the green house gases make our planet a place where fresh air is a luxury. Spireat praises itself on being a clean company and now, Carbon Suckers certified us to also be a captor of CO2 .

Carbon Suckers is making carbon compensation transparent and effective, by accelerating the reduction of CO2 levels in the atmosphere through algae farms, a highly efficient method for carbon dioxide reduction.

The Carbon Suckers platform is adding algae farms relentlessly everywhere around the world with the mission to not only prevent, but reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

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