5 ways to use Spirulina in the kitchen

5 ways to use Spirulina in the kitchen

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You can take capsules of spirulina as a normal vitamin supplement, but SpirEat thinks that it’s funnier to use the green algae in the kitchen, adding it on your favourite food. Here we want to describe how to use the spirulina in the kitchen.

Here we give you 5 simple tips to use spirulina in the kitchen:

  1. In the morning you can add a little spoon of spirulina in your smoothie or you can mix the green algae with ricotta cheese to spread it on toasts with jam. If you prefer a salty breakfast you can add spirulina on scrumbled egg or pancakes.
  2. For lunch you can add spirulina on your risotto, instead of butter: it will be very creamy!
  3. For the afternoon break you can use spirulina on your plain yogurt with a spoon of honey and fresh fruit. Very Healthy!!
  4. For dinner add spirulina on your salad!
  5. For dessert you can use spirulina on mascarpone cream for a healthy tiramisù or on the whipped cream!

The average quantity of spirulina per day is about 3/4 grams but you can take 10 grams in a day. So please use it on all your meals!

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Risotto with zucchini and spirulina

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